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LD50 is the premier 3D artillery game for the iPhone™ and iPod® touch. The lush landscape and your evil opponent are no match for your high-powered weaponry. 2 game modes allow you to play a quick match or to attempt to outpace your rival's deadly ambitions over unlimited rounds of play. Massive nukes and unique defensive weapons keep things interesting, while advanced weapons such as the guided missile use the built-in accelerometer for real-time control.

LD50 Features:
  • Intense, explosive battles versus the computer in 2 game modes: Quick Match mode pits you against your enemy with a random assortment of weapons. Campaign mode rewards you with the chance to earn new weapons in the upgrade store after every level.
  • Practice mode to refine your ability to take out your opponent.
  • 3 difficulty levels to keep you challenged as you improve.
  • 12 weapons in 8 classes: conventional missiles, nuclear missiles, guided missile, shield, earthquake affector unit, laser, jump jet and wormhole.
  • 3 advanced weapons (guided missile, earthquake affector unit, gamma fusion laser) use the built-in accelerometer for real-time input.
  • 3 defensive weapons can keep you out of harm's way.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics and user interface.
  • Synthetic terrain generation means no two games are ever alike.
  • Real-time deformation of terrain surface.
  • Perfect casual gaming experience with fast load times.  You can resume right where you left off.
  • Extensive help system and tutorial introduce new players to game controls and weapon types.
  • Carefully crafted sound effects and original soundtrack round out the experience.
  • Explosions!!!  Big Explosions!!!

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LD50 Lite introduces players to the basics of LD50. Free on the App Store, LD50 Lite includes most of the functionality described above. The chief difference is that only Quick Match mode and Practice mode are available (no Campaign mode).  Also, the basic C50 missile type is the only weapon available in practice mode.


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